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Jan 26, 2023


Explore the hype of Royal Caribbean International's newest ship, The Icon of the Seas.

The gangway is up on the newest Icon of the seven seas. Icon of the Seas is 1,196 ft of pure adrenaline and can accommodate more than 7,000 guests. This is the first of its class and introduces new experiences for Royal Caribbean International. Stay tuned as we take you deck by deck from fwd to aft and discover all that this Icon has to offer.
Welcome Aboard!  

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Icon of the Seas is currently the largest cruise ship in the world spanning over 18 passanger decks. Icon bosts 20 different eaters shipwide and over 15 entertainment venues to raise a glass in. Come aboard as we explore all that Icon has in store!  

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It’s all about the water in this neighborhood! The Aquadome is located on deck 15 fwd and is equivalent to the Aquatheater shown on other oasis class ships. Guests can enjoy new entertainment shows here featuring acrobatics, diving shows, water falls, and so much more! Surrounding the Aquatheater you can find some retail shops and the Aquadome market for a perfect sea day quick bite.

 The Overlook is a new staple onboard Icon ofThe Seas. It is not only the coolest spot onboard to to watch the waves go by but also a bar, lounge, and quiet zone to hang out throughout the day. You will also find unique private pods that you can sit in with incredible views of the sea. The Rye & Bean is a new hybrid bar area where you can have a coffee by day and an espresso martini by night.

Hooked Sea food also makes its return in the Aquadome for your favroite seafood cusine. There is so much to discover in this increible new neighboorhood. 

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It’s time for a stroll in the park. But where to begin? How about at the all new Bubbles champagne window? A new grab and go champagne bar right in the heart of Central Park. After, you can stroll around throughout the beautiful live greenery within the neighborhood. Fancy a jazz night? Stop in at Lou’s Jazz and Blues before dinner or for a night cap. Guests can enjoy this venue indoor or outdoor.

You can snag a quick grab and go lunch option at the Park Cafe and enjoy anything from soups, salads, paninis, and more healthy alternatives. There is also a secret window within the park that looks directly out to the ocean for the first time on any Royal Caribbean ship directly from Central Park. There is multiple high end boutiques throughout the park for some retail therapy and guests can enjoy their favorite Royal steakhouse at Chop Grill or a pre-dinner cocktail at the Trellis Bar!

There are new firsts for Central Park on Icon like the all new light bites option at the Trellis Bar and a grab and go sushi window at Izumi in the park. This is truly a magical space to walk through day or night. 

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The perfect spot to relax! 3 decks of ocean viewes and new brews! Chill island includes the largest pool at sea called the Royal Bay Pool. You will also find Swim & Tonic which is the cruise industries first swim up bar at sea! There is plenty of seating areas around Chill Island from comfortable lounge chairs, day beds , casita's for rent or even inside one of the many infinity edge pools that look directly out to the sea. It wont be hard to find a spot to chill on Icon.

The Lime and Coconut bar makes it's return and is larger then ever spanning 3 decks high. There is even a spot deidicated to those frozen caribbean favorites perfect to quench any thirst. Guests can enjoy mutiple food options throughout Chill island like your favorite mexican cuisine at El Loco Fresh for that unlimited taco bar. You can also find multiple Sprinkles stations throughout the ship which is the complimentary soft serive ice cream for kids and kids at heart.

For the adults, you can enjoy Cloud 17, a new private pool area up on deck 17 with a large pool, plenty of comfortable loungers, a private bar, and incredible ocean views from the top of the ship. 

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Attention thrill seakers!! Thrill island brings adrenaline to life and introduces the largest water park at sea, Category 6. Here you will find 6 breathtaking waterslides with new twists and turns like never before. There is a slide for every member of the family from the tallest drop slide at sea, a 4-rider raft slide with open air views of the ocean, and even dulling raft slides where you can challenge your fellow cruisers.

Guests can also enjoy a Royal Caribbean favorite, The Flowrider. A surfing simulator at sea perfectly situated at the back of the ship giving you the worlds best backdrop! Guests can also enjoy their favorite sporting challenges at the Sports Court. From basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more! Ready for a mid-day snack? Head over to Basecamp Provisions, where you can enjoy specialty bites at an extra cost or traditional poolside favorites included in your cruise fair. Enjoy anything from waffle chicken nuggets to your favorite warm pretzel. This gives families the flexibility and convince of grabbing something quick without having to leave the thrills of the neighborhood.

Deserted is Royal Caribbean’s new milkshake bar right in the heart of Thrill Island. Enjoy your favorite flavor combinations or even special spiked beverages for the adults. Crown Edge is the new ropes course to Icon of the seas. It is a suspended thrill attraction over the side of the ship with a drop that will make you say “WOW!” Guest can also enjoy their favorites like the rock climbing wall and Mini golf at Lost Dunes.

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Welcome to the largest and widest shopping mall at sea, The Royal Promenade. This venue is filled with non stop entertainment, food galore, new bars, shopping and so much more! The Royal Promenade on Icon features a brand new attraction, The Pearl.

 The Pearl is a 3 deck high art sculpture that not only acts as a gateway to the Pearl Cafe but is also a structural piece with interior moving panels that provide a unique new experience for guests to enjoy all day long. You will also find traditional favorites like The Point and Feather Pub, Scooner Bar, Starbucks, Guest Services, Spotlight Karaoke and Sorrento’s 24-hour pizzeria.

There are quite a few new innovative experiences that guests can enjoy throughout the promenade like Dueling Pianos for some musical action, The Comedy Club, 1400 Lobby Bar and Giovanni’s Italian kitchen and wine bar. At the Pearl Cafe you an enjoy all day breakfest and lunch options while enjoying 3 story floor to celing ocean views. 

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Welcome to an all new neighboorhood concept for Royal Caribbean International, Surfside. A family dedicated zone with all new attractions, venues to eat, and bars to sip! 

Surfside welcomes and all new family waterpark right at the aft of the ship where you can be right up close with the wake. Kids can splash all day long while parents soak up the sun in comfortable loung chairs throughout the nighboorhood.

The carousel is one of the main attractions here fun for all ages. Surfside hosts many activities thoughout the venue for families to enjoy together. Families can enjoy the Lemonpost Bar with all new mocktail options for the kiddos while parents can enjoy their favorite tropical drinks. 

Guest can find the Arcade for a classic classic game battle, Pier 7  for all day brunch, retail shops throughout the neighboorhood, direct acces to Playmakers Sports Bar and so many ways to play!

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An entire neighborhood dedicated to suites guests only. This space is situated perfectly on the top of Icon of the Seas on decks 16 through 19 forward. Suite guests can enjoy their every own sundeck with a private pool, comfortable lounge chairs, day beds, spa whirlpools, and incredible views from the top of the ship.

 The Suite Neighborhood introduces a new restaurant concept on Icon called The Grove. Guests can enjoy an intimate buffet experience throughout the day here with lots of food options to choose from and plenty of seating options to enjoy. Guest also get access to the Suite Lounge and Costal Kitchen throughout their cruise. The Suite Lounge provides a quiet bar area to retreat too and escape the crazinest of the rest of the ship. Costal Kitchen is an upscale dining alternative offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Costal Kitchen also looks right into the Aquadome to dive right into the adventure and is a great viewing spot for some people watching throughout the day.

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The ultimate adults only retreat. Reserved for guests 18 years old and over. The Hideaway introduces the worlds first suspended infinity pool at sea with breathtaking views of the ocean all day long! This neighboorhood is a great spot to relax and vibe througout the day and an even better spot to view a spectacular sunset at sea. 

Guest's can enjoy live DJ music throughout the day and relax on comfortable lounge chairs, day beds, in the multiple pool areas or by grabbing a comfortable seat at The Hideaway's exlusive bar for a signature drink. 

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Icon of the Seas introduces staterooms categories new to the cruising industry. Explore your new home away from home, discover new features within the cabin layouts, and perfect spaces to take in the views. 

Family Infinite Ocean View Balcony

This stateroom can host up to 6 guest and provides ultimate flexibilty for families to enjoy throughout their voyage. This cabin offers a split bathroom configuration for multiple guests to get ready at the same time. 

New ways to Dream!

Mini guests onboard can enjoy their very own private space to relax. Guests can sleep, play, or watch TV in a a new alcove nook featuring bunk beds that can be closed off from the rest of the cabin for added privacy. 

Sunset Corner Suite

Enjoy panoramic views of the aft of the ship. This cabin can accomodate up to 4 guests in spacious living arrangement. Sip your morning cup of coffee on your wrap arpund balcony or enjoy breakfest in your very own living room. There is also a large bathroom with shower, tub and two sinks for added convience. 

Interior Plus 

This budget friendly cabin category is 157 square feet of fun and can accommodate up to 2 guests with a spacious closet and vanity area, king size bed that can be split into two twins, and a seating area to relax after a busy sea day.

Surfside Family Suite 

This cabin can accommodate up to 4 guests with a private kids nook away form the parents, large family balcony, and is located right in the heart of the Surfside neighboorhood. 

Split Bathroom, Split time.

The split bathroom configuration lets more sailors get ready at the same time. The split bathroom features a sink and shower combo on one side and a sink and toilet combo on the other. Spend less time in the cabin and more time out soaking up the sun.  

Loft Suite

Expirence luxury like you've never before in one of the Royal Loft Suites onboard Icon of the Seas. Explore the sea in style with two decks of panoramic ocean views, two bathrooms, a large balcony area, and dining area for you to enjoy in your 800+ square foot oasis. 

Royal Loft Suite 

Did you say over 2,000 square feet of space on a cruise ship? The Royal Loft Suite is the ultimate luxury getaway. This suite includes a second floor living space, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large wrap around balcony with hot tub, and a grand piano right in the middle of your living room. Can you say WOW?

The Ultimate Family Townhouse

This one of a king suite is not one, not two, but 3 decks of unlimited family fun. The Ultima Family Townhouse includes an in-suite slide, a cinema space, karaoke, a spacious balcony, a private patio, and direct access to Surfside.

Slide into the Action

This suite includes is very own in house slide for a fun way for families to navigate the space. 

Direct Access to Surfside 

The Ultimate Family Townhouse comes with a private patio arrea that has direct access to Surfside, a brand new family neighboorhood at the back of the ship. You can also find a ping pong table on your private deck and seating areas to enjoy. 

Panoramic Ocean View Suite

This stateroom can sleep up to 4 guests in a comfortable living space. Enjoy the best seat in the house with panoramic floor to celing ocean views for a perfect spot to watch the world sail by. 


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A new unique grab and go champagne bar for guests to enjoy their favorite flute of bubbles. 

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Lou's Jazz and Blues

Enjoy signature cocktails in Central Park with a jazzy twist. Guest can enjoy live music throughout the venue and sip indoor or outdoor.

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1400 Lobby Bar 

Located in the heart of The Royal Promenade, The 1400 Lobby bar pays tripute to the many crew members who put in the time to make Icon of the seas come to life. 

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Rye & Bean

Coffee by day and cocktails by night. Or maybe both at the same time? Here you can enjoy your favorite lattes, macchiatos, or a world class espresso martini. You can find Rye & Bean within the AquaDome on Icon of the Seas. This all day hangout spot is perfect for morning ocean view or late-night brew. Sip your favorite drink while surounded by water-defying entertainment right from the AquaTheater.

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Playmakers Sports Bar 

Enjoy gameday bar fare and ice-cold beers, the popular Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade makes its return on Icon of the Seas. Catch your favorite home team on a viraity of TV screens throughout the venue and challenge your fellow sailors in some friendly competition.

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Casino Bar 

Casino Royale features over 30 table games and more than 370 slot machines. Guest can take a break from all the action and grab their favorite beverage without having to leave the casino floor. 


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Celebration Table

Special occasions and milestone cruiser get the VIP treatment at Celebration Table, the new 12-seat private experience on Icon of the Seas. Paired with AquaDome's ocean views, guests can have their choice of exclusive American, Italian, Asian and seafood menus, and the option to add a personal touch with ambient plus-ups and menu upgrades.

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Main Dining Room

This three-level Dining Room on Icon of the Seas features Royal Caribbean's signature recipes of rotating flavors from around the world. This venue is a cruising tradition. Get to know your fellow waitors throughout the voyage and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

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Izumi in the Park

Making its debut is Izumi in the Park, an all-day window in Central Park on Icon of the Seas. The quick stop complements the first Izumi restaurant in the signature neighborhood, and it serves up fresh sushi and Japanese-inspired street food to go, like taiyaki ice cream with Insta-worthy toppings.

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Empire Supper Club

Near the lush Central Park neighborhood on Icon of the Seas, Empire Supper Club is a brand new eight-course experience with a taste of old New York. On the menu is premium American cuisine from caviar to wagyu a drink paired with every dish and tunes from a swanky three-piece live band.

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El Loco Fresh

El Loco Fresh in Chill Island is a poolside spot on Icon of the Seas that serves up Mexican street food, like quesadillas, made-to-order tacos, nachos and more.

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Surfside Eatery 

Surfside Eatery on Icon of the Seas is Royal Caribbean's first buffet dedicated to families in Surfside, the stay-all-day neighborhood for families with young kids on Icon of the Seas. There are options for all ages to enjoy at breakfast, lunch and dinner — even twists on kids classics for the grownups.

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