Meet your Voyage Director

Hello Voyager! My name is Connor your Voyage Director. I started Club Voyage because I have a passion for cruising and enjoy traveling the world by sea. I have had the privilege of working on cruise ships for the last 5 years and I am excited to bring a new fresh perpective to cruising apparel and home decor!

Our Mission

To deliver an exceptional cruising experience from the comfort of your home. 

We believe in the power of scent and its ability to spark memory. 

Our goal is to transport you to beautiful,  tropical destinations around the world reminding you of your favorite cruising memories.

Hear from our guests!

"This candle is so relaxing and refreshing! It smells just like your favorite luxuirous spa. The scent is not over powering so it wont give you a headache, but strong enough to carry throughout your household. I definitely recommend this candle!!" 

Jen Silva

"This candle smells SOOO GOOD! If you're a volcano lover, this is a must have!! Burns consistently & makes the whole house smell delightful!."



Dani Prince

"Amazing candles! Loved the scents and arrived on time. Very professional!





Dekotah P.


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